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I took today off with the intenison of cleaning my house. Lost my mojo...can't seem to find it anywhere!

Lost my cleaning fairy too...damn!

This is just so random...

They eloped...

My son Tony and his fiance Skyler got married yesterday. Two of my three adult children are now married.

Tiffany and Matthew Jacobs: August 26, 2007
Anthony and Skyler Fiel: January 17, 2017

Now to find a mate for Troy and get him married off...lol

Christmas Eve 2016

So it's Christmas Eve...Ice storm coming our way...mostly rain in the metro area. Up north its going to be nasty. And we are heading up north for Christmas with Mom.

Yes, the weather in these parts can be frighting!!

Merry Christmas! 

Christmas in eight days...

2016 is almost over.

It's been snowing all afternoon. Going to get even colder this weekend. We will have a white Christmas!

Getting to be Crab Mousse time. A family Holiday favorite! Friends love it too, we make some for a couple close friends. We are tight money wise, whom isn't this time of year. Any way friends are giving us money to make them Crab Mousse. Our family Holiday crack...Crab Mousse.

I will be making Fudge and trying my hand at making Rosettes. Being snowed in might as well get my "bake on!"

December flying by...

Less than two weeks before Christmas! I have a few things, otherwise I haven't started shopping yet...never fails, always last minute.

This whole year has went by fast!!



The MINNESOTA VIKINGS are 5-0 this is HUGE for die hard Vikings fans such as myself!! Number one in the NFC North!


September has arrived...

Beautiful day in the land of 10,000 lakes. Lots of sunshine low dewpoints, making for a gorgous day!

Summer is just about to become Autumn, love the fall season! Apple picking, corn mazes, pumpkins and oh the colors! Of course then comes Halloween followed by Thanksgiving!

Yup, starting too think about Christmas gifts. Just because. Winter will be here before we know it!

I work at Caribou Coffee, was just over at the Hy-Vee in Brooklyn Park. My son got Starbucks Salted Caramel Mocha...not that great. I work Saturday gonna make my own version at the Bou!

Hump day.

Happy hump day!

It's overcast right now, lower dewpoints so it's not so muggy.

The kids are on their way to Milwaukee, the start of their 10th wedding anniversary weekend. Tomorrow they will head over to Chicago, until Sunday. They are staying at the Palmer Hotel which they say is haunted. One of the few buildings that survived the Chicago fires. Interesting fact.

Well, that is all for now.

August is flying by...

My husband turned 55 on Monday. My brother is 52 today!

Last weekend I rode on a jet ski for the first time ever! My daughters brother in law bought one and brought it up to the lake. It was fun! Tubing not so much, got dumped a cuople times, that was enough for me!

Can't believe the State Fair starts next week! Don't know if we will go this year or not. Then school starts after Labor day! Summer just seems to fly by so fast!

August is here.

Hubby is working this weekend so we are not at the lake. Seems strange not being up there on this beautiful Saturday afternoon.

Perfect weather. 81 degrees low humidity and sunshine! Mmm, my cat sure enjoys this weather!

As you can see.